Official announcement on stadium for 2014

Supporters of FC Buffalo,

The 2014 National Premier Soccer League season will be the first year that finds FC Buffalo outside of Robert E. Rich All-High Stadium after forces beyond our control made it necessary for us to look for a new home for the immediate future. We’re confident that incredible, passionate supporters like you will make it a loud fortress for our club!

Many of you will ask why we’ve had to leave All-High.

We’ve always prided ourselves on transparency and honesty with the friends of Buffalo soccer, so let us say that while we’re very excited to announce our new home for 2014, we find it imperative to let you know that FC Buffalo enjoyed a strong working relationship with Buffalo Public Schools. From Rick and the great, hard-working folks who set up the stadium to director of plant operations Sue Eager and athletic director Aubrey Lloyd, we’ve loved exposing one of Buffalo’s jewels from its usual dormant summer status.

But an ongoing facilities and school board policy discussion regarding whether “outside” groups will be allowed to use Robert E. Rich All-High Stadium has now extended far too close to comfort for our season. All-High has provided us great memories from the 3,800+ attended Lord Bedlington Cup to many memorable wins, and we’ve enjoyed it and hope to enjoy it in the future.

FC Buffalo will uphold its commitment to the students of Buffalo Public Schools by conducting its free talent showcase for BPS student athletes on May 6-7, which has already received attendance commitments from several Division I, III and junior college coaches.

The good news is that our new venue is a major upgrade in playing surface (wider AND no American football lines) and parking, as we’ve reached an agreement with Canisius College to use the Demske Athletic Complex for this season. This full-sized, artificial surface pitch is located at 1829 Main Street in Buffalo, just two miles south of All-High, and is home of the Canisius College Golden Griffins.

We’ve had many positive discussions with director of athletic facilities Gordon Anthony — a former player himself — who has helped us ensure that we’ll be able to provide great concessions and value to our supporters. We’re very thankful for Gordon’s help and even happier to have a first-class venue like Demske.

Pre-match will still be at Mes Que. Post-match will still be at Mes Que. You know why.

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While the underlying situation further underscores our long-stated desire to grow our club and procure a soccer-first stadium in Buffalo, we’re excited to have a great partner and stadium at Canisius. It’s a great place to see a game on a beautiful Buffalo day, and we look forward to you experiencing it with us.

For our city,

FC Buffalo

For more information, email, or head to Twitter and use the hashtag #AskFCB for all your questions. We’ll answer to the best of our ability.

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  1. Rich

    Sad, unfortunate, and truly Buffalo. Outside groups. BSB you are the joke of WNY and continue