Tough Kid Update

In some way or another, every kid deserves an ovation. Next Sunday, we’re hopeful you’ll give Chris Boinski a round of applause his family and he will never forget.

We introduced our “Tough Kid” contest two weeks ago. It was inspired by Chris, a young man from Western New York who is tougher than nearly anyone you’ll meet in your life.

Chris was born along with his twin brother Matthew in January of 2002. The date is significant because the brothers were born 16 weeks before their planned arrival date. Weighing a combined 3.2 pounds, the brothers were sadly together for a mere two days before Matthew passed.

In the following 101 days in the intensive care unit in North Carolina, Chris kicked expected death’s butt on many occasions before emerging from the hospital and going home with his loving family. Doctors cautioned the Boinskis that Chris may never walk, talk or hear. He had surgery on his eyes, abdomen and skull.

He walks. He talks. He hears.

Through all of his ordeals, Chris has remained a positive kid and a great example for his brother, mother and father. During these tough times in our country, Chris has been one of the men of the house as his father had to stay out of state to support the family.

“Chris is a dream come true,” said his mother, who will be honored at a special opening kick-off ceremony before Sunday’s home opener at Robert E. Rich All-High Stadium. “I truly believe that God has a very special purpose for him.  There is no other reason to explain why he is alive.”

To learn even more about Chris and his interaction with a hero, click here. To nominate someone for a “Tough Kid” award, send your story to WOLF@FCBUFFALO.ORG.

Have a wonderful day.

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