City United program

The City United program supplements club soccer programs, oversees FC Buffalo charitable endeavors, and shines light on heroes and causes in our community.

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FC Buffalo is thrilled to announce the regrouping of all the club’s community initiatives under the eye of a new director.

The club has spent the better part of three years developing the City United program, which will implement a number of free soccer initiatives throughout the city as well as supplemental opportunities for the many fine players, schools, clubs, and citizens in the Western New York area.


FC Buffalo will use connections through the Buffalo, world soccer, and business communities to help fill gaps in WNY soccer.

City United Badge
City United Badge, designed by Jason Yates

The City United program will also oversee any donation-driven or charitable endeavors, shining light on groups, people, and causes in our community. Examples of previous projects that will now fit under the City United program.

We’d like to especially thank the staffs at Unite By Night and Westside International Soccer for their guidance in developing the City United idea.

City United is prepared to work with any person or group who wants to bring free or cost-minimized soccer to our region, and aims to elevate top underserved talents to the top teams and programs in our area.

FC Buffalo co-owner Nick Mendola previously announced the appointment of long-time staff member Ryan Schupp as director of community soccer development.

“Ryan’s dedication to the club and commitment to do what’s right 100 times out of 100 is a constant source of motivation within FC Buffalo,” Mendola said. “I’ve been fortunate to be surrounded by a number of wonderful people who inspire us raise our levels to meet theirs. FC Buffalo and the City United program are going to be improved immeasurably by Ryan’s passion to better the lives of the people of our city.”

Ryan Scbupp, director of community soccer development:

“FC Buffalo has strived to be a community-driven club since our formation. Our motto, ‘For Our City’, is something we take very seriously. We believe a soccer club should work to be a pillar of its community, lifting up those around it by giving back and providing opportunities for everyone. The exciting changes taking place at our club, including the launch of the City United program, are further steps towards our goal of living up to our motto and our vision of an ideal soccer club.”

Any organizations wishing to work with FC Buffalo’s City United program can contact Ryan Schupp at

Our club is grateful to designer Jason Yates for helping us realize the logo vision for City United.

City United