FC Buffalo 2021 FAQ: Men’s NPSL and Women’s UWS

There are a lot of questions ahead of the Buffalo soccer community this spring and summer. We’ll address the most-asked ones as the winter wears on, and feel free to ask any unanswered questions to wolf@fcbuffalo.org.

Please consider purchasing a 2021 season ticket while the “One Club season ticket” is on sale through March. What is that? Well, an explanation is included in the FAQ below…

QUESTION: Given the pandemic, do you anticipate a full season of National Premier Soccer League and United Women’s Soccer League action this summer?

ANSWER: We’re as confident as one could possibly be, given the unpredictable nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, that we will begin and complete our season on time. Please continue to wear masks, observe social distancing, and look out for each other to make sure that the fullest fan experience is available.

QUESTION: Do you anticipate fans being allowed to home matches?

ANSWER: While this may change due to federal, state, and local laws, we are preparing for the season as if fans will be allowed to attend matches, even in unusual circumstances. FCBFLO is in contact with our venue and related experts regarding increased safety measures, and has a plan for stadium entry and exit as well as distance between individuals and small groups.

QUESTION: What if there are limitations on crowd size?

ANSWER: The goal is safety for our crowd and our community. In the case of diminished capacity rules, season ticket holders will be given primary access to the team. If the number of season ticket holders approaches special rules on venue capacity, the club will cut off season ticket sales to leave room for a limited amount of general attendees.. Not to be pushy, but buying a season ticket is a great idea right now.

QUESTION: Are there any changes for current season ticket holders given the introduction of the women’s team? And what is the FC Buffalo Champions Club?

ANSWER: Up until March 11, there is only one change. All current men’s season tickets will include admission to women’s games and will be issued a “One Club season ticket.” Fans will be able to buy season tickets for the individual teams from that point. Soccer games are soccer games.

The FC Buffalo Champions Club is simply a plan to give extra and instant support to the longevity and sustainability of our club and our new women’s team during a challenging time in our world by providing packaged presale deals on exclusive shirts, jerseys, and other items. Items from that will begin shipping shortly after the announcement of the UWS schedule.

QUESTION: When will the 2021 schedules be out for the men and women?

ANSWER: We anticipate the release of the UWS schedule some time in March. The NPSL schedule is out as of Tuesday, March 16!

QUESTION: Will matches be streamed online?

ANSWER: All UWS matches will be streamed, per league rules and awesome rules. All NPSL home matches and many away matches will be streamed.

QUESTION: Will there be a difference in uniform, logo, or name for the women’s team?

ANSWER: We’re calling the women’s team FC Buffalo Women to easily differentiate between the men’s and women’s side in communication and in the media. Nothing changes in terms of logo or club colors, though the women’s team will have unique primary and secondary jerseys. There will also be some most excellent new ideas shared between both teams. FC Buffalo is one club.

QUESTION: 2021 is playing nice with us right now, but what if it goes all 2020 on us?

ANSWER: First of all, how dare you? We kid, but as noted in Question No. 1 we are as confident as possible that the soccer happens this summer. If it does not, we will not only extend all 2021 season ticket privileges to the next season, whether played in fall or 2022, but we will be taking care of season ticket holders in myriad other ways.

QUESTION: Who will be playing for and coaching FC Buffalo Women?

ANSWER: The club started the process for both well before the announcement of the team. We’ve hired Nikki Bartholomew as head coach and she’s well into discussions with her support staff. Four players have been announced and several more committed. Interested staffers should email their resumes fcbuffalowomen@fcbuffalo.org and interested players should fill out this form.

For more information on our new women’s side, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.