Playoffs dreams dashed

On Tuesday night in Illinois, Indiana Fire earned a forfeit victory over Minnesota United Reserves, jumping the Fire over FC Buffalo in the race for the final playoff spot.

FC Buffalo’s ownership has issued the following statement.

“We’re left extremely dissatisfied by the way our season has ended. We know we’re one of the Top Four teams in our conference, and it’s unfortunate that we will not get to move forward in the postseason. We also recognize that the National Premier Soccer League and its board were left with no alternative other than to progress Indiana Fire, and we wish them the best in our spot. We’re left sick to our stomachs, but we acknowledge the position of the league.

“We played the toughest unbalanced schedule of any playoff contender in our conference, but ultimately were unable to accomplish our goal of a national championship. In the coming days, there will be plenty of time to rehash the season and lament our bad fortune, yet ultimately we did not pick up enough points to represent our city in the playoffs. This cuts very deeply, and we’ll come back and leave no doubts next year. When it’s in your control, you need to take it and we will address the factors that contributed to our ultimate failure.

“We want to thank the fans, our supporters group The Situation Room, our players, coaching staff and our corporate partners. Thank you for your faith, your voices and your hearts. We will continue to earn your pride and battle for our city.”

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9 Responses
  1. Kevin Mahoney

    No doubt massively frustrating for you given all the hard work. Your program has been doing fantastic and hopefully you’re seeing the progress. You were so patient with all the field nonsense in the beginning of the year and the graciousness continues here. Hang in there – your ultimate success will be that much sweeter now as a result.

  2. David Fell

    FC Buffalo as an organization holds a special place in our family. I appreciate your passion for the sport, the city and the fans. It is evident in the graciousness of all involved with the club and the distress of the agony of defeat and how that pains you, not only for you, but for us. Always For Our City . Thank You!

  3. John Malone

    Just another reason why we have to leave the NPSL. Buffalo, as a whole, needs to support soccer so we can move up to a proper and deserving level that equals our passion. Still…just win and in.

  4. Sergio in Buffalo

    There might not be a remedy for the way we feel right now, but surely Mes Qué will make it a little bit more bearable