Announcing 2015 team award winners

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It’s high time to acknowledge some significant individual achievement in a strong 2015 season for FC Buffalo.

Toward the end of each season, FCB’s players and coaches are asked nominate teammates for four individual honors, with fans voting for a fifth honor.

There are almost always surprises in how players view their team, and this year was no exception. It was a season where nine different players were nominated for Most Valuable Player, showing well-balanced team chemistry and contributions.

In case you missed it, four players were honored by the conference for their outstanding play, while Kendell McFayden was the Mitre National Player of the Week during the regular season.

Here’s how our team awards shook out.

Best Offensive Player: Brett Larocque

Photo credit: Dan Hickling
Photo credit: Dan Hickling

2014 winner: Russell Cicerone
2013 winner: Ian Mort
2012 winner: Mike Reidy
2011 winner: Mike Reidy
2010 winner: Richie Wilson

FCB’s leading goal scorer, Larocque ran away with this honor. He tripled his closest competitor, late-coming goal machine Ngwese Ebangwese, while Andrew Ferguson and Rob Brandell were right behind Ngwese.


Best Defensive Player: Andrew Coughlin

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2014 winner: Jake Rinow
2013 winner: Bobby Ross
2012 winner: Josh Hall
2011 winner: Corey Phillips
2010 winner: Mbwana Johnson

This one was tight, but the honor went to our starting goalkeeper for the majority of the season. Coughlin edged Adam Lauko, Fox Slotemaker and Bobby Ross for the honor, while several others received votes as well.

Unsung Hero(es) Award: Fox Slotemaker, Brett Larocque and Connor Willings


2014 winner: Marcus Hanson
2013 winner: (tie) Brian Knapp and Bobby Ross
2012 winner: Patrick Zelko
2011 winners: (tie) Andrew Larracuente and Joshua Faga
2010 winner: John Grabowski

Also, obviously a tight race. The trio earned one vote each more than runners-up Lauko and Coughlin, while Matt “Nanu” Ferguson was also lauded by voters.

Supporters Choice Award: Andrew Ferguson
(voting results)


2014 winner: Russell Cicerone
2013 winner: Ian Mort
2012 winner: Matt Stedman
2011 winner: Joshua Faga
2010 winner: (tie) Daniel Stevens and Eric Steinmetz

Canada was active on the voting circuit, as the Ferguson Brothers finished Nos. 1 and 2 in the voting. Fans were allowed to vote for up to 3 players, so it’s no surprise that many familiar names surfaced, and that voting was varied. Among those getting close to 5 percent or more of the vote were Coughlin, Larocque, Ebangwese, Kendell McFayden, Chris Walter and Julian Ekeze. Bobby Ross and Brian Knapp also nabbed a good percentage of votes.

Most Valuable Player: Andrew Ferguson


2014 winner: Russell Cicerone
2013 winner: Ian Mort
2012 winners: (tie) Mike Reidy and Andy Tiedt
2011 winner: Joshua Faga
2010 winner: Daniel Stevens

Nine (!!!) players earned nods from their teammates as our MVP, but Ferguson earned one vote more than a trio of teammates: Larocque, Slotemaker and McFayden. Congrats, Andrew!

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