Know Your Blitzers: Andrew Crawford and Kieran Toland

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We’re less than two months away from the opening kick of FC Buffalo’s 2016 National Premier Soccer League season, which means you need to know a bit more about your 2016 Wolves.

We’ve still got plenty of player commitments to announce in the coming days and weeks, but we’ve posed some question to our first batch of commits in order to get to know them a bit better.

Last week we learned a bit about Bayley Winkel and Andres Vega, as well as Keith Traut and Ian McGrath. Today we move onto more defensive-minded stars from Albany and Evansville.


An unquestionable offensive bright spot in Olean, St. Bonaventure’s Scottish midfielder is a big part of head coach Kwame Oduro’s attack.


Best soccer memory: The first time playing at Lennoxtown. Lennoxtown is a training complex for Celtic Football Club which is my favourite club team in the world. I played with St Mirren FC at Under 12’s age group and we played against the best team in the country at that age group. I can’t remember the final score but I remember being so excited to play and I ended up playing a very good game.

Favorite club player: Zinedine Zidane

Clubs prior to college: St Mirren Football Club, Queens Park Football Club, Morton Football Club, Airdrie Football Club, Port Glasgow Juniors.

Favorite food from home: Steak Pie (the way my mum makes it)

Hobbies? Like to play all other kinds of sports like Golf, Tennis, Basketball.

Favorite movie: Creed

Favorite band: Oasis

What are you looking forward to about Buffalo? Playing in front of some big crowds is always something to look forward to but I am more excited of being able to practice everyday and play through the summer, something that I cannot do back in my own country in Scotland as the season is usually over through the summer.





After a successful career with Empire United’s Development Academy, Andrew joins up as a strong, physical fullback. Also of note: He is not related to the former Buffalo Blizzard player of the same name.


Best soccer memory: Winning the MAAC championship in Florida and making it to the NCAA tournament in 2015 even though I was out with a broken foot the whole season.

Favorite club player: Thierry Henry

Clubs prior to college: Empire Soccer Academy

Favorite food from home: Lasagna

Hobbies? Playing sports with disabled children/young adults

Favorite movie: Caddyshack

Favorite band: Bob Dylan

What are you looking forward to about Buffalo? Finally being able to play in front of a big crowd.