Know Your Blitzers: Keith Traut and Ian McGrath

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We’re less than two months away from the opening kick of FC Buffalo’s 2016 National Premier Soccer League season, which means you need to know a bit more about your 2016 Wolves.

We’ve still got plenty of player commitments to announce in the coming days and weeks, but we’ve posed some question to our first batch of commits in order to get to know them a bit better.

Earlier this week we learned a bit about Bayley Winkel and Andres Vega. Today we move onto more defensive-minded stars from Albany and Evansville.



Strong and steady, the First Team All-America East defender has 37 consecutive starts for Trevor Gorman in Albany.


What is your best soccer memory? This season when a teammate of mine scored a OT goal to win a very important game.
Favorite club player: Sergio Ramos
Clubs prior to college: Auburndale Scorpions, Metropolitan Oval, NY Cosmos
Favorite food from home: Can’t choose haha
Hobbies: Hiking, Biking, Reading, Traveling, Music and Films
Favorite movie: Good Will Hunting
Favorite music artist: Audien
What are you looking forward to about Buffalo? Getting together with a really good group of players and working really hard.


The Aces’ big man was 2015 Missouri Valley Conference Team Honorable Mention, and he can shoot the thing from the midfield.

What is your best soccer memory? Scoring the game winning goal against Bradley my freshman year.
Favorite club player: Steven Gerrard
Clubs prior to college: Chicago Fire Jrs
Favorite food from home: Shepherd’s Pie
Hobbies: Playing golf
Favorite movie: Good Will Hunting
Favorite music artist: Coldplay
What are you looking forward to about Buffalo? The atmosphere and competition