FC Buffalo update: October 2024


It’s Nick Mendola, co-owner and president of FC Buffalo here. Our club has been quiet by design but very busy setting up 2024 following an absolutely wild season that demanded a lot of adaptation. “That’s minor league sports,” some would say, but we expect more from a club that’s cultivated so many amazing friendships and memories.

There is a lot of information coming your way in the coming weeks, but I wanted to personally reach out first because I care so much about the passion and time you continue to invest in this nearly 15-year old club. I want that to continue, and I want it to grow. Long may we run.

In this email, I want to address a lot of items regarding the upcoming seasons and our plans for the future. I’ll bold items so you can skip around if needed, but I definitely want to start with the elephant in the room.

Stadium: Last Spring, on the eve of our season, the athletic director at Buffalo Public Schools informed us that they were changing their policy for outside group use of All-High Stadium. To be frank, it was a time of massive anxiety that could’ve been panic if not for the support of our incredible staff. We had taken a season at D’Youville College in 2022 under a calculated budget hit because All-HIgh was getting new turf and we were assured a return there. Our dates were cleared multiple times over the winter. The change in policy was unexpected and left us in a terrible situation, but we found in Williamsville South a great team and, ultimately, a very good home. And all of this occurred while exploring permanent homes we could own. So for 2024? We are having all of the conversations you’d expect us to have, and will have an ironclad hold on wherever we call home. We’ll let you know by the end of the year, but you can trust it’ll be an even better experience for all.

Season tickets: We’re changing quite a bit about our season ticket plans in order to give more flexibility and value to our most dedicated supporters because we want you to bring friends, to be decked out in blue and gold, and to experience both USL League Two action from our men as well as the exciting championship chase for our women’s team, and to have more opportunities to hang out with each other over the long offseason. Membership plans will be coming within a week, and we’d love your feedback moving forward. And if you’re coming up back from 2023, the canceled men’s game vs King’s Hammer — thanks wildfires — will be reflected in your pricing options.

Coaching staff: We’re very happy to announce that two-time UWS award-winning coach Nikki Bartholomew is returning for a fourth year in charge of our women’s team. We are deep into our process of hiring a top men’s staff. Our priority has been stability, potential, and a humble hunger to be a part of a club that includes players, supporters, staff, and a community.

Awards: Holy smoke. We’re screaming from the rooftops after United Women’s Soccer heaped awards on our staff this fall. Yes, we’re super proud of our achievements on the field — MARCY IS LEAGUE MVP!! — and three All-UWS players is bleeping incredible! But I’m so so so so so proud to see our gameday staff get lauded as among the league’s very best in things empirical. Please read more here.

The next generation: After years of patient planning, we found the format, foundation, and folks to properly address youth soccer and the building of an elite program. There’s an ecosystem in the sport that is working for many but not all, and we have found a system we believe benefits all while pulling down barriers to access and enhancing what’s already here instead of siphoning it. Part of that involves fundraising, and we’re excited to help promote a meat raffle on Dec. 9 to help lower tuition and sponsor programs in the youth set up. You don’t have to attend in order to help, though we’d love to see you — Buy raffle tickets for City United’s “Freezer Full of Meat” raffle. You just have to be available to pick it up from us.

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Support those who support us: There are many reasons that we’ve been able to grow, and just behind our supporters and our staff are the many great organizations who have connected with FC Buffalo. We’d like to encourage you to patronize those who make us stronger, and also to tell businesses you know the value of getting behind FC Buffalo. Send them straight to an owner who relishes the opportunity to learn from successful local businesses in his beloved hometown: nick@fcbuffalo.org.

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Yours very truly,

Nick Mendola

Co-owner, FC Buffalo