Meat Raffle to support City United/FCB Youth

FC Buffalo is inviting you to a night of community fun that helps our big picture goals of leveling the playing field for soccer development in New York.


Our club is proud to support its new youth academy as well as the youth initiatives of City United by promoting a meat raffle in Lancaster, NY on Saturday, December 9.

Admission includes your drinks for the evening — alcohol, of course, is for only those aged 21+ and there will be no outside beverages allowed.

Doors at 6. First spin at 7.

There will be raffles, auction items, a 50/50, and a freezer full of meat to be won!

From (Click link for deeper description):

The meat raffle is divided into “rounds”. At the beginning of each round, the emcee will announce the number of spins of the wheel for that particular round. This maybe one spin per round or maybe four or five spins per round. The more spins per round the better your chances are of winning a piece of meat with the same ticket. Ticket sellers walk around the room at the beginning of each round selling tickets. Each ticket typically cost $1 and usually have two or more numbers. This means that if the wheel lands on either of your numbers for that round you win the meat for that spin. Each spin produces multiple winners because the same numbers are sold to multiple people each round. 

Proceeds go toward our goal of having the most affordable elite academy around, and it’s an awesome time.

Can’t make it? Buy a ticket or eight for the chance to win a “Freezer Full of Meat.” You don’t have to be on-site to win, just able to make arrangements within 24 hours of the draw to acquire the unit.