FC Buffalo Shirts Are For The Children

(Above: Amherst Soccer Association representing WNY Immediate Care’s Team Gold during their Friday halftime match at All-High. Photo by Don Nieman of Buffalo.com)

Due to popular demand, FC Buffalo merchandising director Joshua Batten has ordered a limited run of youth and plus-size shirts which will be available at our June 30 1 p.m. home game against Erie.

“Youth sizing is something we’ve explored for a while,” Batten said, “And thanks to the outpouring of support from our supporters this season, we’re now ready to stock a limited run of youth shirts.”

For now, the shirts will only be available at home matches and in styles already available in adult sizes in our online store. Batten has also added select styles in XXL and XXXL.

Email: wolf@fcbuffalo.org

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  1. Marie Ross

    Was wondering when pics of the boys will be on the roster for the website and Bobby Ross’ birthday is April 29,1992. Thank you.