Banshee Irish Pub: A new home for pre- and post-game

Things are going to be quite different for FC Buffalo matches this summer, with beer being served at a new regular venue due to new turf and track installation at All-High, and now a new place to have a cold one and a hot meal before and after the game.

With the games downtown, we’ve got a place near by to pregame before kickoff and celebrate afterwards: Banshee Irish Pub at 257 Franklin Street in Buffalo, where soccer’s their game and music is their tradition. Already the new home of American Outlaws: Buffalo Chapter and several local Premier League supporters’ groups, FC Buffalo is confident our fans will enjoy a place that’s being embraced by those who’ve embrace our game.


“Offering traditional Irish-inspired food as well as American favorites, we provide a warm and friendly atmosphere for a hearty meal or a few pints with your friends.  

“The Banshee is also the new home for live traditional Irish music including Sing-Along-Sunday Jam Night featuring talented musicians from all over the area. Bring a smile, grab a pint and prepare to sing some old and some new traditional Irish songs and sea shanties.

“All major soccer games are televised on TV’s all over the restaurant including our large outdoor covered patio (weather-permitting of course).”

We’re also excited to announce that the Banshee’s logo will adorn the front of our UWS2 jerseys, and you will really like the new logo and jersey that will rep our women’s team.

It’s a huge year for soccer, a World Cup year, and we’re super happy to see the options to watch a game grow in our area. We’ve been blessed with some incredible venues including one of the region’s first soccer-specific pubs, and our sport is truly finding its home here.