Western Regional OTB presents: co-owner Ray’s Derby Picks

Guest post by FCB co-owner Ray Siminski

If there is a consistent attribute amongst Siminski males, it’s a love of horse racing. Just as Martin begot Richard, Richard begot Raymond, and Raymond begot Mack, if your last name is Siminski, you will be spending your Father’s Days at the racetrack. I have clear memories of driving back from Batavia Downs smushed in the back seat with my sister and grandparents, my grandfather, his track hat on his knee, humming along to the radio after a night of big wins.

I was the first kid with the original Nintendo on my street because I hit a Daily Double with my grandfather. One of my first dates with my wife was to the racetrack, which I’m sure made me seem more dangerous and didn’t hurt my cause of convincing her to marry me. I have always had an affinity to horse racing, which makes me proud to have OTB and Batavia Downs supporting FC Buffalo for the 2012 season.

During a conversation with my father, we stumbled upon the idea to compare our derby picks and invited my family to join us. I will make my picks along with my father, Richard Siminski, who wishes to remain anonymous by using the moniker “The Rail Bird.” Joining us is my uncle, Clark Siminski, along with my uncle Martin Siminski and his son Martin Siminski.

The majority of us have graduated from picking horses based on the colors the jockey wears on Saturday to a system based loosely on actual statistics. I myself focus on jockeys after winning my fair share with Ron Beback Jr or in a pinch horse color. Our picks remain our opinions and if taken as advice, should probably be considered bad advice. We will celebrate come win or lose, our picks follow below.

In The Rail Bird’s words, the eventual winner will require a lot of luck to negotiate the mile and a quarter distance. He eyes $50 to win on Bodemeister, based on his Beyer scores, along with a $10 exacta box on Bodemeister and Gemologist. His remaining funds are spent on a $4 Trifecta box with Bodemeister, Gemologist and Dullahan and $5 to win on Take Charge Indy.

Clark keeps his picks short, $60 to win on Hansen as he will be charging at the end. The last $40 are on Bodemeister to win because he is a front runner. If he can dictate his pace he could win, or soften the field for Hansen.

My cousin Marty’s picks are bold, with an obvious eye on winning this contest. His bets are $10 to win on Saber Cat, $10 to show on Hansen and a $2 Trifecta box with Bodemeister, Daddy Long Legs and Daddy Nose Best. The remaining $74 fall on I’ll Have Another to win.

My uncle Marty covers the field with $2 to win. In addition to playing it safe he places a $25 Trifecta Key with Bodemeister on top, along with Trinniberg and Daddy Knows Best, and a $2 Trifecta Box with I’ll Have Another, Daddy Nose Best, Creative Cause, and Prospective.

My gut instinct says Bodemeister will prevail, so I will put $26 to win on him. It’s difficult to bet against Gemology, unbeaten in his 6 starts, I will counter with $26 on him to win as well to cover myself. Lastly, $4 Trifecta box, Bodemeister, Gemology, Creative Cause and Went the Day Well, as a Valezquez ridden horse will always show.

The fans of FC Buffalo have been considerably supportive to the team and sponsors alike. If you are lucky enough to have your father around, take him to OTB on Saturday for the Derby. Win or lose you will have stories for years, stories your son may share years later on the Internet.

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