So What’s New?

Photo by staff photographer Nate Benson

We get a lot of questions during the offseason and don’t always have the time to properly answer them. Let’s make a Friday morning change to that problem.

Season tickets will go on sale very shortly with guaranteed delivery before Christmas. We’re sorting out scarf designs and taking care of other merchandise ideas first. If you have any ideas, feel free to email Otherwise, expect an announcement within the next couple weeks. Everything we’ve seen so far looks all aces.

Party time was a blast at our fundraiser, but remember that our homeboys and girls at Mes Que on Hertel have teamed up with American Outlaws: Buffalo Chapter for A-plus events during US Soccer matches like the two headed our way in the next few days. Head here for more details.

We need a new head coach after parting ways with Coach K earlier this Fall. We’ve been meeting with top-caliber coaches each Wednesday for the past few weeks, talking about the position and garnering their opinions on what needs to be done to take this thing up a notch. You’ve helped us bring a unique culture to game day, but we need to match that culture in the locker room and on-the-field. We’re getting terrific advice to match our own ideas of what needs to be done to get W’s and move forward. We aren’t rushing anything and our GM’s been talking with a number of area and out-of-area college coaches about getting their best players in blue-and-gold this summer. Good things are coming.

Hope everyone’s doing well out there in Blitzerland. Out come the Wolves!


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