Saluting Our Brave Youth

We know there are a lot tougher tasks in life than stopping shots and scoring goals, but there aren’t too many forums to showcase the achievements of the many courageous kids in our area. FC Buffalo respects the stage we’re given each summer and wants to help shed some light on the brave  boys and girls who will play such a huge role in Buffalo’s future.

Beginning with our 7 p.m. home opener on May 13, FC Buffalo will use part of its pregame ceremonies to shine a light on an area “Tough Kid,” and here’s how you can help:

Send us an email to with a story of a tough kid you know. Maybe he or she has fought through illness or injury, or perhaps you know a young person who has used his or her time to help others. Maybe you know someone who is heroic for another reason.

In exchange for submitting your story for our site, we’ll honor your “Tough Kid” with a two free game tickets. Each home game, one Tough Kid will be picked to help us get the game kicked off properly, and be saluted over the loud speakers and by our crowd. Additionally, he or she will receive an autographed prize from our staff.

Send all nominations to with the subject line marked “Tough Kid”, and we’ll see you at Robert E. Rich All-High Stadium!

Facts are facts: there are a lot of good kids out there. Help us salute them.

4 Responses
  1. Roozmom12

    I am so happy you chose my friend “The Ryan Miller of Soccer” for your game opener!   My daughter and I are coming to the game to be part of Chris’ big night.  This child and his incredible family has changed me and my family’s life forever!  Can we buy tickets at the gate?  Thank you. – Gina T.