Multi-Year Deal With Shirt Sponsor Announced

Tradition will remain in place as longtime sponsor Rich Products has agreed to grace the front of the FC Buffalo kit for the 2013 and 2014 seasons.

“Considering our motto is ‘For Our City’, it is fitting and humbling that an elite and successful Buffalo family business continues to back our team,” said team owner and general manager Nick Mendola. “The lessons we’ve learned from Bob Rich and his company have been invaluable and our interactions with his company have been eye-opening. There is little question that our success and standing as a club owes an incredible debt to Bob and Mindy Rich, as well as the entire Rich Products Corporation.”

The shirt will be the same style as last year, so feel free to order you new personalize kit from Admiral Sportswear, Mendola announced.

“We want our supporters to be able to wear the same shirts as our players, as they have been an inspiration to our club since its first game,” he said.

About Rich Products:

“Founded by Robert Rich Sr. in 1945, Rich Products Corporation was born from an innovation – the world’s first non-dairy whipped topping. Mr. Rich’s pioneering spirit continues to guide the ongoing success of this family held company. The history of Rich Products has been marked by innovative breakthroughs, an unparalleled commitment to ‘Caring for Customers Like Only a Family Can™,’ and aggressive worldwide growth.”

2012 players Andy Tiedt, John Grabowski, Gary Boughton and Josiah Snelgrove in the home blues and road golds.

The Rich Products logo has adorned the front of FC Buffalo kits since 2011, when the two parties entertained another soccer club sponsored by the corporation, the Bedlington Terriers of England’s Northern League, for the first ever Lord Bedlington Cup. The competition is named after Bob Rich, who on a lark was given the title of Lord of Bedlington by his wife Mindy (the Rich family traces its roots back to Northern England).

The Rich family welcomed FC Buffalo’s ownership to leadership, promotional and organizational meetings leading up to the event, won by FCB and attended by 3700 at Robert E. Rich All-High Stadium in Buffalo. We should also mention they threw a magnificent party at their Canadian estate that included a squash lesson for Joshua, Scott and Nick from Bob Rich himself.