Meet “Wolf” Blitzer!!!

Born Ephraim C. Buffalo, our new mascot was raised by his mother and father on Strawberry Island before swimming across the Niagara River to join the city across the water, Buffalo.

Adopting the alias “Wolf Blitzer,” our hero had to hitchhike his way into the city. Along the 190 he was picked up by a group of good samaritans who happened to be skilled in soccer: the Pikuzinski and DiNunzio brothers.

Teaching “Wolf” all they knew was a boon to the 5’10” athlete, who was hampered at every turn by the restrictive height rules of the Wolf Soccer League. Upset and disheartened, Wolf found his place in 2009 when he attended his first FC Buffalo match and managed to not eat any children.

Wolf looks forward to meeting all of you this winter and summer as Western New York cheers FC Buffalo toward the 2012 NPSL Cup.


Favorite music: Peter Wolf, Howlin’ Wolf, Sea Wolf

Favorite movies: “Teen Wolf” and “Dances With Wolves”

Favorite TV show: “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer”

College: NC State

Other favorite teams: Wolverhampton and Wolfsburg.

Favorite food: Panda Paws (real ones)

Middle name: Clarence (after the late and legendary saxophonist from the E-Street band, Clarence Clemons)

Occupation: colored-light changer on the Peace Bridge

Likes: Soccer/football, hot sauce, blue cheese, tooth picks

Dislikes: the Erie Admirals