From the Team Room, Vol. IV: Beating Erie, a big home test, and a 7 mph speed limit

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Hey Buffalonians! Jabari and I are back to give you another update! Hopefully our great results this past weekend helped everyone enjoy a wonderful 4th of July!

I have to say it: It feels really good to know we put up four goals against our “hate” Erie rivals at their place. It was by far our most dominant and best performance of the season. Complete opposite of our first meeting with Erie at home.

Overall, the performance showed great chemistry and perseverance by everyone to not give up a lead or control of the game. Ngwese Ebangwese made the most of his debut in the FC Buffalo jersey, contributing with a pair of assists, unlucky to not get himself a goal.

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Following a day’s rest Sunday afternoon we faced out of conference Greater Binghamton FC, which was a chance for Coach Murphy to test the depth of our squad and keep the team fresh. Once again, FC Buffalo put in a great performance in what must have been one of the hottest days of this summer. We pressed the opponent high up the field and controlled the ball and tempo for just about the whole game. Trevor Hill and Rob Brandell controlled the center of the pitch while Ross Suitor and the rest of the back four put in a very solid defensive performance to maintain the clean sheet.

Danzy KentonWith that being said, I think we could have done better putting a few more of our chances away to really kill the game off! But to say the least, the team is proud of how we’re playing at this point in the season. Coming up, we have another huge weekend starting with a big Friday night against the reigning champions Lansing United at home. It’s going to be a big fight and we need you there. Then we’re on the road to Pittsburgh to play Fort Pitt Regiment on Sunday afternoon.

Meanwhile, off the field has been just as busy as last. Many of the players are doing camps all over the City of Buffalo. As I mentioned last week, Jabari and I trained coach Tom Matre’s Kenton United FC club team last Wednesday, which was clearly warm up for what this week has had in store from us.

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We went from only 15 “teenagers” for one night only to a week-long camp with nearly a hundred 7-12 year olds run by Delaware Soccer Club and PEC Zwolle of the Eredivisie! Saying the camp is hectic would be an understatement but with the personalities these kids bring every day, I’m laughing every couple minutes. They’re great players and even better great kids. They all look up to us as they remember us from FC Buffalo games and it has quite the ego booster to have someone to be a role model too so far from home.

Everything is right there in front of us to take. It’s just a matter of time, Buffalo! Only thing that might slow us down is the random 7 mph speed limit that the Town of Tonawanda has at Alexander Hamilton Elementary School, where Jabari worked Kenmore Soccer Club camp on Monday! We don’t know how common this is out here but Jabari and I can assure you this is something you’ll never see in Chicago or Orlando. Just when we thought the Buffalo area couldn’t get any better!

Can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow night! Regardless of the result, it will never feel right without our biggest supporters behind us!

Until next time Buffalonians!

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