It takes a community…

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As the regular season winds down and playoff hopes are high — and we gear up for a major, must-attend home match against Lansing United on Friday night — we always notice a few more eyeballs on our team and site.

So FC Buffalo’s ownership like to take this opportunity to both welcome our new friends while thanking those who’ve been on board for a while.

To you, the supporter… thank you for coming out to the matches, for paying attention to the club, for singing your hearts out and pushing us to be better. Even on our worst days, knowing that you’re behind the club helps us move forward.

To the Supporters Group… The Situation Room. Songs, banter, drums, banners and passion. You’re the best.

To the players, and coaches… thank you for bringing your gifts to our club. There is no “big game against Lansing” on Friday without you. From the tackles to the tackles, the early morning and late night practices, we’re grateful for you.

To the crew… whether interns busting their humps for summer experience, food trucks crushing concessions, bartenders serving the soccer fans at Mes Que, or play-by-play men talking the team up for love of the game, we’re better because of you.

To youth soccer… and the myriad clubs across our region who’ve come to games, hosted our players for camps and clinics, and just continued the rich tradition of young families embracing soccer in Buffalo,

To our partners… (head to the bottom of the page to visit their sites)… it’s easy to see a business logo and not realize how much more deeply-involved corporate partners are with our growing our club. These aren’t companies handing over their hard-earned money to a major sporting conglomerate for exposure; These are true partners with shared belief and true aim, knowing and growing.

Thank you to…

Rich Products for unwavering belief in the idea and implementation of soccer in Buffalo,

Mes Que for perfect support of this sport we love, and the venue to showcase it,

Western New York Immediate Care for helping us make sure youth players know there’s a future in their sport, and a smart place to get healthy,

Batavia Downs Gaming for embracing the passion of sport and growing our brand across a region,

Pallet Services Inc. for supporting the live streaming of our home matches, and to WNY Media for filming and hosting the matches. To WBNY for the local and terrestrial radio exposure,

Hilbert College for allowing our out-of-town players a safe and comfortable home, with great accommodations to train, for the summer,

Minuteman Press of Downtown Buffalo for being an early adopter and efficient partner,

Amherst Pizza and Ale House for joining the club and bringing delicious pizza for our players and opponents,

Big Ditch Brewing Company for believing in the idea of an official FCB beer,

WNY Flash and Sahlen’s Sports Park for continually boosting the profile of soccer in Buffalo,

Steamroller Press for knowing how to make fine-looking FCB gear a reality,

Buffalo Public Schools for helping us come home to Robert Rich Sr. All-High Stadium,

…and Buffalo Above for making us look good…

Head to the team store and get some blue and gold gear