eFCBuffalo roster announced

FC Buffalo is pleased to announce that eSports managers Mateo Zapata and Juan Mejia have put together the first 11v11 squad in FCB’s VPG eNPSL history (Check out our page on VPG’s site here).

“We’re very happy to see an iteration of FC Buffalo competing during this tumultuous time in the world, and grateful to Mateo and Juan in using Fusion FC to help quickly assemble a top team,” said FC Buffalo co-owner Nick Mendola.

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“We’re especially excited that a supporter made the team out of trials, and hope to have more top Buffalo players make the team as our eSports program evolves to its next stage.”

The club opens the eNPSL season on Tuesday, May 19. The full schedule is here. Interested players and sponsors can always contact eFCB by emailing efcbflo@fcbuffalo.org.

You’ll be able to watch all the e-action on our official Twitch channel at twitch.tv/fcbuffalo.

Uriel Vazquez (1) — De_Gea_1991 — Lenoir, N.C.
Daniel Hubley (19) — realdemonX — Ontario

Andrew Lockwood (26) — xNole- — Bradenton, Fla.
Luis Raul Rodriguez (4) — lrrodriguez — Robbins, N.C.
Carlos Granados (6) — Ci-Baresi-iV — Santa Rosa de Lima, El Salvador
Colin Stabile (21) — RF_Toasty — Woodstock, Ga.
Henry Baires (92) — Henry_The_Knight — Antioch, Tenn.

Andrew Dole (8) — Capt_black_beard — Buffalo, N.Y.
James Nixon (88) — TheGrumpyRonin — Boston, Mass.
Danny Garcia (13) — papiiDani — Robbins, N.C.
Mohit Batra (66) — xRiddlz — West Lafayette, Ind.
Mateo Zapata (119) — xBrujol19l — Burlington, Ontario
Juan Mejia (10) — JMejia14 — Carthage, N.C.

Omar Flores (9) — Omar13VA — Springfield, Va.
Travis Dunk (93) — DoseOfDunk — Toronto, Ontario
Jose Platero (11) — Chir1_8 — Herndon, VA

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