Club statement on USL stadium news

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The United Soccer League announced today that it has a conditional agreement with real estate developer John McClutchy and his partner Dennis Penman to bring a USL Championship club to Buffalo in 2023, pending the construction of a soccer specific stadium in Buffalo and the completion of economic feasibility studies.

“We’ve had some intriguing discussions with John and Dennis about the project and a soccer-specific stadium of that scale in Buffalo would be a such a terrific addition to our landscape,” said FCB co-owner Nick Mendola.

“We’ve loved growing FC Buffalo for 10-plus years, so it’s no surprise that the combination of our incredible home town and this exciting sport connect to make an attractive proposition.

“We need your continued support now more than ever. This club has always been for you, and will remain so.”

“We remain committed to the game in Buffalo and are excited to begin our 11th season this summer. We’re proud to have built this club in our hometown and excited to grow it into the future.

“Advancing soccer in Buffalo has always been our goal, and our amazing supporters, stake holders, and alumni can rest assured that we’ll continue to support that at every turn with their best interests at heart.

“As always, our club is for you. If you have any questions, we’re open. Email me at and I’ll respond as quickly as possible.”

“We look forward to seeing everyone in the stands this summer!”

Support FC Buffalo by visiting our store today. New season ticket holders are always welcome.

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2 Responses
  1. richard jezewski

    i would support this if and ONLY IF this team continues to support/sign-up/play soccer players from BUFFALO/Western New York on this team – if they try to do the thing the so-called “buffalo” sports teams and NOT SUPPORT BUFFALO ATHLETES – then i cannot in good conscience support this team – your team is the MAIN REASON I COME OUT TO YOUR GAMES – you SUPPORT BUFFALO THE RIGHT WAY- as long as you contiune this i can support all of this. do not make me regret this please thank you