Where we’re going (We need you)

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Go ahead and ask.

People do almost every day, and it’s cool with us. We get it, and we want it just as much as you do. MLS. USL PRO. NASL. Any and every step forward into professional soccer in our country, we want it so badly we can taste it.

It’s time we say it out loud: We are here to grow into the best club in our country, however long it takes. And we can’t do it without you.

We’ve felt this way from the moment we agreed to start a National Premier Soccer League club in Buffalo, but we also know this city isn’t made for some new jacks to show up and pretend Western New York owes them a living.

We knew it was going to take a long, long time to earn your trust and attention, that Buffalo isn’t a place where magic bullets strike the target. We’re not a trust fund territory. Success here is ground out, covered in dirt and grime and everything glorious that built and sustained our city.

We earn it.

So for five-plus years, we haven’t said much of anything about the next level. We’ve tried to treat fans right, care for the people who support us and keep our mugs in front of the people who don’t. We’ve simmered when “soccer people” told us no one would support a “glorified men’s team” and when detractors told us “Call us when you get a real sport.”

We smiled.

We would earn it.

We’ve moved forward, meeting plenty of coaches, players and fans. Those who joined us? We saluted them, and marked those names in our book. They were here. They watched it work. Those who didn’t? We asked, “Why not?” We tried to fix it. We worked hard, tried to learn from our mistakes and grow off our success.

But mostly we kept pumping through the cold winters and the soccer-free months, the days when we met folks who loved the game and said, “I wish our city had a team.” We told them they did.We kept going because of those of you who climbed aboard, painted signs, crafted tifo, wrote and sang songs, gave to the cause, screamed your guts out and cried your hearts out.

When we won, we clapped you up. When we lost, you held us up.

You earned it.

Through the rain, the wind, the lightning delays, the red card suspensions, the dubious calls, the glorious goals and the rapturous wins, you were there, and we love you for it.And to those of you who weren’t?
Come along with us. We can’t get there by ourselves. Trust us, we’ve tried to meet with everyone you want us to meet. Investors, league officials, Corporate partners, jazz technicians, fan groups, youth clubs, business who don’t care, businesses who do. We’ve wrote the modest, borderline-begging emails and made the hung-up-on cold calls. We talked. We listened. We kept every business card. We know what they need.
They need you. Every passionate American soccer success story hasn’t started with a billionaire and his endless dollars. Even if it did, it wouldn’t be right for Buffalo. The Portland Timbers. The Vancouver Whitecaps. These weren’t fans ripping off chants and cultures from Europe, demanding their presence be heard because they thought they deserved to skip steps. These were creative, enthusiastic nutcases like us, who wanted to create their own culture, let people look at them askance when they screamed, “Who’s the boss?” after an opposing goal kick or sang “My Girl” after opening kickoff.

These were soccer lovers, lifting the game up in their city from the lowest level to the highest tiers.

That’s why we need you in the seats this summer as a season ticket holder. We believe we’ve made it a value unlike any other in local sports. Join in, and pass the word along. Hold us to a high standard. Help us grow.

Come make us better, and we’ll never stop working for you.

Together, we will earn it.


Nick, Scott, Ray, Donny and Josh
FC Buffalo, est. 2009

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  1. Rick

    This was a great insight. Thank you. And you are right, there is nowhere you can get a better deal for a jersey and a full season of soccer.