VOTE: 2017 Supporters Choice Award

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For the eighth-straight season, FCB is putting its final award of the season into the hands of our supporters.

Vote below for a minimum of one and as many as three of your favorite players as we determine our individual award winners for 2017. Players had to appear in a minimum number of minutes to qualify for the award.

The winner will be announced Wednesday, July 12, at a to be determined location (Leave your evening clear).

Here are previous winners:

Supporters Choice Award winners
2016 winner: Ian McGrath
2015 winner: Andrew Ferguson
2014 winner: Russell Cicerone
2013 winner: Ian Mort
2012 winner: Matt Stedman
2011 winner: Joshua Faga
2010 winner: (tie) Daniel Stevens and Eric Steinmetz

FCB returns to the pitch on July 9 at Fort Pitt Regiment before facing AFC Cleveland in the regular season finale on July 14. Get your tickets here.

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