The New What’s Next

Photo by Dan Puccio

It has been some kind of year (for all of us, not just your local soccer club).

Locally, FC Buffalo continues to move forward in pursuit of our goals as a club and a soccer community, and we are very excited to take our next steps… even if we’ve been forced to wait and wait and wait for the time to be safe and correct to deliver upon promise.

This post, to be fair, is largely to let you know that we are here and updates are coming soon; We are prepped for news including a monumental development in our community plans.

In fact, we have news on-and-off-the-field and would have a lot of information in front of your eyes months ago, except, you know… pandemic.

Here is what we can tell you:

  1. The club is signed, sealed, and set to deliver for another summer season in the National Premier Soccer League. 2021 tickets are already on sale, though 2020 season ticket holders are grandfathered into the new league season at no charge. Tell your friends, as it has been a challenging year and we are excited to deliver not just one but two years of plans to give All-High Stadium its most exciting match days yet.
  2. The plan, of course, is to deliver friendlies in early Spring ahead of our traditional May – July regular season.
  3. Because of the pandemic, the club is also building out a second competition to give us every chance to play a season of merit and length during this uncertain era.
  4. We will be launching a wealth of new merchandise items in time for the post-Thanksgiving shopping experience that kicks off with “Black Friday.”
  5. As for the community development, we ask just a little more time as we await the green light to safely implement a program that fills a void between the excellent youth soccer academies and clubs in our region. And we’re confident we’re going to deliver the goods in a big, fun way that enriches communities while bringing the region together.