The Man Behind the FC Buffalo Logo

For Buffalo-based graphic designer Jared Mobarak, a favor he did for some high school friends found its way to HD TV screens all over the country.

“It was cool,” Mobarak said of seeing the FC Buffalo crest on CNN’s “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer,”. “I had put it on my Facebook and a bunch of family and friends ended up finding images of it. I sent the link around and my one cousin ended up Googling ‘FC Buffalo’ and found the web site and the page. It was cool to see the logo on national television.”

Mobarak described how he came up with the idea for the logo.

“It was proposed to me to look at something Buffalo-centric and the flag, and the waterfront,” he said. “The flag had the simplest aesthetic that could be worked around.”

The designer went to Kenmore East High School with FC Buffalo co-owners Scott Frauenhofer and Nick Mendola. He’s also done design work for La Dolce Vita and the University at Buffalo.

“I’ll try to do research into whatever the product is, the company and try to find its essence,” he said. “Try to find the most simple representation. I just did a spec project with Dipson Theaters. Everyone knows its a movie theater, but they alwways wear tuxedos and a bow tie, so I tried to look for something that worked in a geometric, symmetric way. (I try to) find a core and then go from there.”

The local man with a massive love for film — he does many weekly movie reviews on a blog and works for Buffalo Spree Magazine — has big aspirations.

“If you’re looking for a dream design job, it would be designing stylized movie posters more than the floating head stuff that happens now,” Mobarak said. “The DVD company, Criterion Collection, they always make new designs based on an old photo. That would be like a dream job-type thing.”

Visit Jared’s web site here. FC Buffalo is forever grateful to him for several terrific jobs.