Season Ticket Holder Update

Hello FC Buffalo season ticket holders,

This page is being posted on Monday, April 20, and we will update it whenever we have anything new or interesting to share with you, our favorite people.

We’re sure you don’t need the requisite “We’re living in unparalleled times” line and we are just as secure in the knowledge that Western New York has not been through anything like this in the last century or so.

The coronavirus pandemic is a lot of things: Legitimately frightening, annoying, challenging. Playing our parts to cut down the danger to the less vulnerable amongst us is both admirable and exhausting! One of the things COVID-19 is not is conducive to planning, but we’re comfortable in telling you the appetite to compete remains high in our region.

When our 2020 NPSL season schedule was canceled, we were impressed with how many teams reached out to us from inside and outside of our league. We’ve also spoken to a number of supporters and their feelings were similar: If there are safe ways to compete in meaningful competition this summer, we will do it.

So we’re continuing to ship out season tickets, and incredibly grateful to have you in the fold. Frankly, your support so far has given us both financial and spiritual footing to fire forward as a club. We have contingency plans if this nefarious virus prohibits us from fulfilling our on-field commitment to you, but at this point we want to support our players, our supporters, and our mission by looking forward to brighter, safer, more traditional summer days and nights on the field in Buffalo. Some reports make us lower our heads, of course, but we’re a resilient and optimistic bunch. That serves us well, as does the fact that we’re a local club and not limited to using college players in a short, two-month window.

It’s the most challenging time in the history of our club. Saturday would’ve been our second home friendly of the season, and our third would’ve come this weekend. Those are big days for our finances, and we believed they would’ve propelled us into our best season in the history of our club. Instead, we wait (as does everyone else). These are uncertain and dangerous times for sport, but we’re better positioned because of you.

Co-owner Nick Mendola is available to talk via phone, online, or email ( if anyone wants to talk about the club or just speak in general (We all need a change of pace now and again). We are actively following all of our challenges whether on-field (matches) or off-field (jerseys, partnerships, outlook).

Most of all, we want to let you know that we care deeply about our soccer community and relationships with you. We also want to say, quite selfishly, that we want to play soccer because we, well, we love this #%&^#@ game.

Thanks for your support and patience. We’re eager to renew acquaintances with you via goals, tackles, and song this year. If you have any questions, email and let’s have a conversation.


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