The Siminskis Vs. The Preakness

As you can tell from the previous Kentucky Derby picks, the Siminski’s had a rough go of it.  Only two of us cashed tickets, one being a $2 bet on the field to win.  The Preakness is a different story, easy to say prior to the race.  The field has been wielded down to 11 from 20, making the odds much more in our favor of picking a winner.

I’ll Have Another looks to end the 33 year drought without a Triple Crown winner.  The last, Affirmed, won the Belmont in June of 1978.  Suffice it to say, the Railbird was most likely clutching his Daily Racing Form against his polyester shirt, belly up to the rail cheering on an also ran who came in seventh.

As for the standings,  my cousin Marty was the big winner on the derby with a $74 to win bet on I’ll Have Another, netting him $1043.20 in the process.  It’s a commanding lead, but not insurmountable. With a more focused eye on on cashing tickets, our picks are as follows:

The Railbird is putting his money on Went the Day Well with a $50 bet to win.  His remaining kitty is on a $25 Exacta, Went The Day Well And Bodemeister and a $25 Trifecta on Went The Day Well- Bodemeister- Creative Cause.

My cousin Marty looks to extend his lead with $25 to win on I’ll Have Another and $25 to win on Bodemeister.  His other losing ticket will be a $50 Trifecta box on Teeth of the Dog- Bodemeister and I’ll Have Another.

Myself, I am looking for a winning ticket.  I’ll choose $100 Trifecta Box on Went the Day Well- Creative Cause- Bodemeister- I’ll Have Another.  While I’ll Have Another showed well in the Derby, I think Went the Day Well will wear the black-eyed susans.

Our fan’s passion and support of our sponsors is what keeps this team trending upward. Make sure you head to your local OTB and throw a few dollars their way.  In fact, tell them the Railbird sent you.  I don’t know how they would reply, but I’m interested to find out.