Post 100: Celebrating Stevens' Suomi success

For our 100th post as an organization, here’s an excerpt from the feature on Daniel Stevens which will run in this opening weekend’s program, as well as some photos from the web site for his club, Palloseura Kemi Kings. Stevens has started both games of the young Finnish season, where Kemi is 0-1-1.

What number are you wearing for Kemi?

“I am No. 15. I was kinda hoping to get something a little different, maybe 34 or 83, you know, to represent Thurman Thomas or Andre Reed but I didn’t have a say and I am happy with 15.”

Stevens (red, front)

Any interesting stories of people you’ve met over there?

“I have met many interesting people. One is my roommate. His name is Adriano Munoz. He’s from Brazil and has played for many big clubs. He has played in the Finnish Premier League and was Player of the Year in 2005 before going to Norway to play in the Norwegian Premier League with Tromso, and then to Sweden to play for Orebro with US Men’s National Team player Alejandro Bedoya.”

What were your impressions of FC Buffalo during your season as captain?

“I really enjoyed my first season with FC Buffalo. In the past I had to go away to play PDL to get competitive football and it was great to stay home and play 2010. The management was great as well they really had the players best interest in mind and wanted to get our feedback on the little things which for me made the experience that much better. The majority of players playing for FC Buffalo want to make it to the next level and the guys at FC really want to help the players take that step. I truly believe FC Buffalo can be one of the best amateur sides in the country if they continue doing what they are doing.”