An open letter from FCB vet Mike Unwin

Mike Unwin asked me to put this in the program for this Sunday’s home opener. I will, but I think it’s worth reading for fans to get ready for the game (3 p.m. EST, Robert E. Rich All-High Stadium). Let’s go Buffalo — Nick

To: The 12th Man (a.k.a. our supporters)

I have been overwhelmed by the fan base of FC Buffalo in just a short amount of time; and I am speaking on behalf of the teams in the past, present and future when I say thank you for all the support you give us on the pitch. I call you the 12th man for a reason; it’s because with your voices chanting and screaming you can help us dictate the tempo of a game and give us that extra cutting edge to change a tie into a win! The excitement you get from fantastic individual pieces of brilliance, team moves and off-course goals pumps adrenaline through our veins and makes us push beyond barriers that are not possible without you in our corner!

Unwin in action last season, when he tied for the team-high with 13 points.

Home games are the most important. We never want to lose at home and disappoint you guys who have come to watch. So just because we’re the ones on the pitch don’t think you don’t have a hand in how we play! Bring your voices and shout loud and clear! Because I promise we will be leaving everything out there on that pitch! Not just for the team but you as well!

This summer Robert E. High School stadium will be the place to be to watch the sport that’s called the beautiful game.  Let’s turn this stadium into a fortress!

You can’t just beat a team; you have to leave a lasting impression in their minds so they never want to see you again


Onwards and Upwards,

Mike Unwin