Onward FCB: Connecting Buffalo to its club

Photo courtesy RJZphotography.com

Each offseason, we pluck ideas from our supporters and run with them, and today we’re excited to introducing Onward FCB, an initiative designed to find new supporters, foster passion amongst current believers, and answer any questions that arise from both groups.

The idea with Onward FCB is that loads of people in Buffalo love soccer, and supporting sports teams, but not all realize there’s a chance to join a strong community of people aimed at taking a club with the humble beginnings of a couple hundred attendees in its first season which has found its foothold amongst thousands of more fans who aim much higher.

Our ownership and staff all have access to several avenues of communication within Onward FCB, including:

You may have already seen the @OnwardFCB account on your follower list; If it’s clear you’re in our region and love the game, let alone if you already follow us, we’re paying attention to you!

Since its founding in 2009 and first match in 2010, FC Buffalo has enjoyed a familiar relationship with those who support us. The club has given us so many brilliant memories and positive relationships, with players, supporters, coaches, et cetera.

But we know there’s more, and that we only get one spin at this life thing. As we roar full-throated into our ninth NPSL season, let’s make sure every effort’s made to build FCB into an institution.