Nickname voting extended

Okay, so we thought the Blitzers idea was quirky when we added it into our options in the nickname contest. Now, the Buffalo-native and CNN broadcaster has even caught wind of the contest and posted it on Twitter.

Wolf’s name is gaining steam, but we don’t want our name to be decided on a Fark whim. So, voting is extended for another week. After your votes are tallied at our meeting on Sunday, May 16th, we’ll make our final decision.

Also, remember: Bournemouth is “The Cherries.” Colchester United is “The Us.” Let’s have fun with this process. You want a different name than the one in the lead?? Repost this link on Facebook and get it going!

15 Responses
  1. Michael Schieber

    Well now that THE Wolf Blitzer has thrown his support and 350,000 followers into the contest, Im pretty sure we know who the winner will be. There is no possible way that he doesn’t win.

    Thanks for anyone who voted for my option Blitzkrieg. I really don’t know what else to say. This has quickly spiraled out of control. I hope the panel will take into consideration how many votes i had before Wolf Blitzer and all the people who will vote for him because of twitter have entered this.

    thanks again to scott nick and ryan for at least making me an option.

  2. bflo's famous connections

    hey, if it’s going to be the ‘blitzers’ and someone else already mentioned “why not the ‘russerts’?”

    Let,s keep going. How about the : – goo goos,olmsteds,wrights,moses’,laettners,laniers,fillmores,mckinleys,difrancos,kanes,kaletas,odens,simpsons…ok forget that one,robinsons,wilsons,kellys,……….

    wait! it should be a soccer star: THE PIKUZINSKIS !!!!!

  3. Yea, spokes is pretty far behind as well. I was looking forward to being a spoker. Still have a week, maybe huffy will post and put their support behind the spokes and get a nice push.

  4. Cameron

    It’s pretty cool that Blitzer found out about it. Hopefully it can get this club a good amount of publicity. Seems it has been picking up around town though. Keep up the good work guys. Can’t wait for the first match! Go Spokes.

  5. Chris

    Soccer team nicknames invariably have something to do with the colors/uniforms (blues, hoops) or the stadium or locale where they play (cottagers, merseysiders). ‘Blues’ could possibly get you a Labatt’s sponsorship. Or you could go ‘Bleus’…wait, how come ‘wings’ isn’t an option? Couldn’t you just replace the bolts in the logo with some little wings? And do we really need a soccer ball in the logo? Was there a contest for that?

  6. Mike

    The Blue Collars says more about Buffalo than any other option, with the added bonus of making sense. Blitzkrieg is reminiscent of the Holocaust, and The Wolf Blitzers is too quirky.

  7. Shelli loves Wolf!!

    I think Buffalo Blitzers is the best name for the team!! I’d love to wrap up in that scarf with him!! I Love you Wolf!!! (call me)

  8. Lil Russ

    You guys are officially on the International Map! Go Blitzers…it has a nice ring to it forget the others it’s really a no brainer especially with all the attention you are getting on CNN

  9. Mike

    Well despite all efforts by all the people who supported Blitzkrieg, it doesn’t look good. So far the name survived the Fark link, the ESPN 2 link and Wolf’s initial Twitter Link and still battled neck and neck with Wolf Blitzers for the lead in voting. The crushing blow was the CNN report encourging people to vote for Wolf’s name. It was simply to much to overcome. An hour after the broadcast i faced a 250 vote defict. Despite chipping it down to 200, there is no way Blitzkrieg can overtake Wolf for a win.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the publicity that FC Buffalo has gotten. As a soccer fan and Buffalo fan it was really cool to see this minor league team get such great exposure. But I can’t understand that naming a team after Wolf Blitzer is a good thing. IMO it’s not. The suggestion for it was merely a joke and naming the team after that would be as such (see Shellie loves Wolf!! post for proof). This is supposed to be FOR OUR CITY like the website says. Now it feels like people who just like Wolf from anywhere voted him into first.

    I will def still go to all the games and love this team but i can’t say i won’t be bitter about this. Three separate times I lost hope about winning only to have it come back with voter support. Each time made me think the worst was over and i could still win. I woulda been real proud to have my name chosen to repsent for our soccer team by Buffaloians. I thought it worked on multiple levels and was effective. Instead someone who made a joke by spinning off my name will win because it became a fad for a week.

    Argh….. this is long winded and I sound really pathetic. It is like 1:30am though. I feel better now at least that I’ve said my piece. GO FC BUFFALO!!

  10. john

    GO FC BUFFALO!! ?? C’mon , you can do it. Say:

    GOOOO BLITZERS !! (you don’t have to say wolf)

  11. Mike

    Contest ain’t over yet. 😉 man I’m surprised how fairly coherent that was. Essentially that was the ramblings of a mad man. Lol like I said I do feel better now. Thank goodness for internet forums hahaha.

  12. Ryan

    Guys – You can call the team whatever you want in your hearts. It was a contest to a) get people behind the team b) create discussion and c) Get publicity. All of those things we did in spades and then some.

    I mean, our scarf got held up on CNN’s on live television by an anchor. C’mon, that is worth it’s weight in gold.

    For Queen City we were known as the Blues, but also some people just called us City or QCFC. It’s not as if we are the FC Buffalo Blitzers on our webpage or on our logo, it’s just a nickname, have fun with it. Both preceding versions of the NPSL team have went under, we want this one to stay and it’s with your support it will happen.