New home jersey for 2014

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In honor of our fifth anniversary, FC Buffalo is ready to bring a new look to the pitch with these home jerseys from Admiral (now on sale in the Admiral store).

“We’re very excited for the classic look of our new home shirt, and will be even more pumped when we see it on the backs of the Wolves as they win matches this summer,” said FC Buffalo general manager Nick Mendola. “We’d also like to welcome AXA Advisors of Buffalo as a shirt sponsor, joining previous partners Rich Products and Mes Que.”

And no, “BK Name” is not what Brian Knapp is going with this summer (though we’ll show you what he and some of the other lads look like when the jerseys arrive in the Queen City).

The club also announced that it’s working in conjunction with AXA Advisors of Buffalo and division executive vice president Louis Nuchereno in an endeavor that will auction the jerseys to benefit a group in need (Details will be unveiled at a later date).