Know Your Blitzers: Five more new stars

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We’re so close to May 14’s opening kick of our 2016 National Premier Soccer League season, which means now is an even better time to get to know your team.

So far, we’ve learned plenty about our players, from those who played at Celtic Park to others who love a good Bob Dylan record. You can catch up on the previously posted “KYB” posts here.

Let’s learn about a lot more of the fellas today.



Donaldson (right) with FCB teammate O'Grady (far left)
Donaldson (right) with FCB teammate O’Grady (far left)

Best soccer memory: Winning two tournaments in Italy with Glasgow Rangers at youth level

Favorite club player: Steven Gerrard

Clubs prior to college: Glasgow Rangers, St. Mirren, Stirling Albion

Favorite food from home: Fish and chips

Hobbies? Soccer, golf, hanging out with friends, going to the gym, watching movies

Favorite movie: “Green Street”

Favorite band: Kanye West

What are you looking forward to about Buffalo? The opportunity to play with other quality players and test myself at a high standard across the United States.



Johnny McBethBest soccer memory: Scoring the conference-winning goal for my last school

Favorite club player: Henrik Larsson

Clubs prior to college: Pollok Juveniles U21s

Favorite food from home: any type of fish

Hobbies? Cycling, ping pong, fishing, skiing

Favorite movie: “Mrs Doubtfire”

Favorite band: Mumford and Sons

What are you looking forward to about Buffalo? Playing with other good players and meeting new people



Isaiah BarrettFavorite club player: Lionel Messi

Clubs prior to college: Empire Revolution Academy, Empire United Soccer Club, Niagara Falls Titans

Favorite food from home: Grilled salmon

Hobbies: FOOTY

Favorite movie: “This Is The End”

Looking forward to: Playing my part and making an impact



Steve PondecaBest soccer memory: Playing soccer with my brothers and my father in the backyard

Favorite club player: Neymar

Clubs prior to college: Andromeda U18 USSF DA, FC Dallas U16, Irving Elite 97B, Solar Chelsea PreAcademy USSF DA U14/15

Hobbies? Strictly futbol

Favorite movie: “The Wolf of Wall Street”

Favorite music: OvO

What are you looking forward to about Buffalo? I have heard nothing but great things about the club and the support behind the program. I am looking forward to being welcomed into the community and doing my part on the squad to produce results and proudly represent the club.



Morgan SmithBest soccer memory: Wining State Cup Finals during youth soccer career

Favorite club player: Gareth Bale

Clubs prior to college: Blackwatch Premier

Favorite band: Dave Matthews

What are you looking forward to about Buffalo? Competitive soccer