Join us in thanking The Library

We like to be as transparent as possible, so forgive the financial talk for a second so we can focus on the aid of our good friends at The Library (Maple Entertainment Complex, Amherst NY).

While FC Buffalo continues to make strides toward developing a bigger budget and moving towards out loftier goals, the fact remains that every store sale, every sponsor and every fan through the door means a huge deal to the financial welfare of our football well-being.

For our years in cooperation with Buffalo Public Schools, we’ve offered to do one of two things in exchange for the use of Robert E. Rich All-High Stadium: straight-up pay for rental of the facility or put on youth clinics/camps for BPS students. For the first time in three years, we will be paying for the facility in 2012 (which is totally fine).

This is where Rich and the staff at The Library (inside the Maple Entertainment Complex in Amherst) come in, and come up huge.

Rich has been a season-ticket holder of the club for a long time, and we routinely meet in his bar because of the solid selection of crafted beverages (you know, juice, milk and similar treats). Rich also wanted to sponsor the team, but we have an official game-day pub run by our extremely good friends at Mes Que. Fortunately for us, The Library was content to place an ad in our program and continue to support our meetings.

That was until they learned of the unexpected turn in our budget cost. Then, Rich volunteered to fund a significant cost of our use of All-High for 2012. When I started to tell him all the ways we could help his business he thanked us and said he’d accept it, but it “isn’t about that.”

So just know there are tons of good people abounding in the area, small businesses supporting each other. We’ve decided to properly acknowledge The Library as our stadium sponsor for 2012. For more on their eats and treats, read below (and stop in sometime. Tell ’em what they did was awesome):

When your board room tends to exist in a barroom, it’s nice to tell your family your business meetings are being held at The Library — the new stadium sponsor for FC Buffalo’s 2012 season.

Thing is: this Library is located inside the Maple Entertainment Complex and its extensive menu and 20 taps make for one terrific restaurant for FC Buffalo. That’s why our staff heads there for our weekly meetings, mixing business with burgers and fueling football talk with craft beer.

“The Library is a beautiful bar located a stone’s throw from UB North,” said FC Buffalo COO Scott Frauenhofer. “It’s nice to know that we’ve got a home base for meetings that’s owned by one of our supporters. Plus, good food and drink.”

Being Buffalo, The Library does wings and does them well with sauces from Hoison Plum, Carolina BBQ and Garlic Parmesan to more traditional offerings like Cajun, hot, medium and mild. They also have a wealth of burgers, sandwiches and other cool items like a Irish Car Bomb cupcake.

“Come on in for a game, a great meal, or for our Happy Hour, which runs Monday – Friday from 4-7 p.m.,” said Richard Anselmo of The Library. “You will immediately feel welcome!”

Check out everything the Maple Entertainment Complex has to offer here: and let the folks there know you appreciate their support of FC Buffalo. You can like them on Facebook here!