Great Lakes Playoffs To Be Streamed

Time and time again the supporters of FC Buffalo and the rest of the Great Lakes Conference have impressed upon the NPSL that they are the upper echelon. After the past 48 hours, it’s very difficult to argue against that notion.

Supporters from Buffalo, Detroit and even Erie banded together with select Buffalo businesses to fully-fund a Kickstarter effort from our friends at to live stream this weekend’s semi-finals and finals at Cass Tech in Michigan.

“It’s kinda stunning,” said FC Buffalo general manager Nick Mendola. “We’re very proud to be part of a soccer culture that is embracing our team and league. To think that a company was able to raise over $1200 in under 48 hours, independent of the league, is startling and wonderful.”

One of the primary boons came from official FC Buffalo and American Outlaws: Buffalo Chapter supporters bar Mes Que, who donated $300 and will stream the tournament in their pub at 1420 Hertel Avenue in Buffalo this weekend. AO: Buffalo also submitted funds for the project.

“Thank you to everyone who backed’s project, as the teams certainly would not have been able to do something like this so late in the season,” Mendola said. “ has done a great job streaming our matches this year and we’re thrilled to see their vision for streaming this tournament work out.”

Saturday, July 13, 2013
SEMI-FINAL NO.1 — (4) AFC Cleveland at (1) Detroit City FC, 5 p.m.
SEMI-FINAL NO.2 — (3) Erie Admirals vs. (2) FC Buffalo, 30 minutes after

Sunday, July 14, 2013
GREAT LAKES CONFERENCE FINAL — Winner of Semi-finals, 3 p.m.

Mes Que
American Outlaws: Buffalo Chapter
John Luke
Dale Paradowski
Philip Kneitinger
Dave Hogg
Edward Bujanowski
Matthew Dziomba
Jake Szopinski
Russ Andolina
Eric Ando
Matthew Weir
Brent Garner
Joshua Batten
Stefanie Acevedo
Adam Grieco
Richard Odien
Sam Kilb
Peter Farrell
Cliff Parks Jr
Michael Grosso
Morgan Fonger
Mitchell Ashcroft
Gavin O’Brien
Dan Gigante
James Davidson
Joel Cooper
Michael Slomzenski
Marc Silverstein
Alan Jacobson
John Mozena
Amanda Lipton
Dave Majkowski
Chad Thomas
Kevin Palmiter
Nicole Warner
Timothy Murphy
Joe and Susan Cunningham
Steve Chambers
Mike Migliore
Brad Hohman
Jason Kepsel
Andy Decker
Elaine Donnelly
Nicole Neureuther
The Unicorn Rudberg’s


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