Getting to know… Andrew Larracuente

Leading up to the 2011 home opener (May 22, 3 p.m., Robert E. Rich All-High Stadium), will provide an in-depth look at our roster. Day One: Second-year man Andrew Larracuente.

What was your offseason like?

AL: “I tore my hamstring in the middle of the ‘1o season, so I spent some time rehabbing it and began playing in some indoor leagues around November. I also got married that September to my wife Koryn, so I was busy with planning and preparing up until then. I was also accepted into a Management Development Program at M&T Bank that just finished up, so I’ve had a busy in the offseason.”

No one loves a coaching change, but how happy are you to have Coach K back on your bench?

AL: “I’m very happy to have Coach K take the reigns of the team. He helped mold me into the player I am today. He was my coach through my four years at Medaille and turned an awful team into a perennial winner and NCAA tournament contender. I also had the pleasure after my college career was over with to coach with him at Medaille. He fits in well with the culture of FC Buffalo and I have no doubts he will succeed.”

After it all settled in, what are your impressions — good and bad — of FC Buffalo’s first season?

AL: “My impression of FC Buffalo’s first season is bitter sweet. We had a great venue in All-High Stadium, an awesome game day experience, but unfortunately we fell a little short of the goal. My injury tainted my ’10 season, but I’m excited to be back for another summer.”

Does it matter to a team to have a chance to qualify for the US Open Cup?

AL: “I’ve had the opportunity to play in the US Open Cup twice and it means a lot. It provides an excellent opportunity for FC Buffalo and our individual players to be exposed on the national soccer stage. There are many quality amateur and professional teams in this tournament. If you can get through the first couple rounds, the opportunity to play against professional teams in the USL and MLS is greater.”

Who are your favorite football/soccer teams worldwide and what other sports do you like?

AL: “I’m a big Arsenal supporter. Although they had a huge win against Man U last Sunday, they pretty much blew their title chances when they tied Tottenham and Liverpool in their previous games. I’m also an avid fan of football and hockey, so I’ve been a life long Buffalo Bills and Sabres fan.”

Who are your favorite bands?

AL: “My taste in music runs the gamut from country to rap.”

How awesome is FC Buffalo’s ownership?

“I have no complaints of the ownership up to this point, so I would have to say pretty awesome!”

Check back every day until the season begins for another player profile.