FC Buffalo announces 2011 Award Winners; Supporters Choice Award Open For Votes

The Blitzers players have spoken, voting for their peers along with the coaches and staff of FC Buffalo for the 2011 season awards. It all leads to one question:

Can someone really be unsung and most valuable at the same time?

Onto the awards…

Best Offensive Player: Mike Reidy
2010 winner: Rich Wilson

Reidy tied for the team lead in goals with Mike Unwin, but it was his mind-bending goal at Buxmont that likely stuck with his teammates and staff. Unwin finished in second by just two votes, while only Andy Tiedt and Joshua Faga also received votes. The four players named overall is by far the lowest number of players named per category.


Best Defensive Player: Corey Phillips
2010 winner: Mbwana Johnson

Phillips was named to the 2011 National Premier Soccer League All-Star Team and subsequently chosen as captain of the squad by NPSL technical director Matt Driver. Ironically, he scored one of the season’s most memorable goals in the 5-1 triumph of Bedlington Terriers FC in the Lord Bedlington Cup. Faga and Andrew Larracuente tied for the second most votes while Mbwana Johnson, the 2010 winner, was one vote below the duo.


Unsung Hero Award: (tie) Joshua Faga and Andrew Larracuente
2010 winner: John Grabowski

The captain (above with Bob and Mindy Rich) earned his stripes but apparently the boys believe he didn’t receive his due. Then again, they also felt that way about the fella they voted MVP. Twelve players in total were named as unsung heroes, with Johnson, Chris Walter, Jake Rinow and Jordan Dilapo tying for third.


Most Valuable Player: Joshua Faga
2010 winner: Daniel Stevens

Faga barely edged out Phillips, who barely edged out Unwin for the award. The Marist defender played brilliant for the Blitzers and has a leadership that betrays his age. Officials, fans and even the opposition spoke glowingly of the lad, who went on trial with the Chicago Fire’s PDL squad before the NPSL season’s final weekend. We’re hoping he winds up back in Buffalo next summer.


Supporters Choice Award: TBD! VOTE NOW BY CLICKING HERE!
2010 winners (tie): Stevens and Eric Steinmetz

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