Picnic Grille Announces Menu Options

UPDATE: The Picnic Grille sent us a menu for Game One. Here you go:

Sahlen’s Char-Grilled Hot Dog $2
Salt Potatoes in butter $2

1/4 lb. Black Angus Beef Burger $3.50
w/cheese $3.75
w/bacon+cheese $4.25

1/4 lb. Turkey Burger w/ olive tapenade (chopped green+black olives,feta,seasonings/lemon zest) $5

Our Own fresh made Italian Sausage $4.50    

w/peppers+onions $5

Hickory Smoked pulled pork on kaiser roll…(12hrs of low and slow hickory smoked lovin!) Comes w/solo cup of slaw for topping if you like it that way

Chocolate Chip BACON cookies. $1
Sugar CORN cookies  $1
Assorted Bags of Chips  $1

Pepsi,7UP,Diet Pepsi,Bottled Water $1
Assorted Gatorade $2

A selection of our own made BBQ sauces which include
-Reg BBQ
-Honey BBQ

We also will have our own

Other condiments supplied
-WEBER’s Mustard
-Dill Relish
-Chopped Onions

Look, we like pizza and candy a decent amount, but we’re all about providing options. Since we don’t have our own massive stadium complete with delicious options, we are providing the next best thing: our talented friends.

The Picnic Grille will be catering our matches at Robert E. Rich All-High Stadium this summer and man do chef Andrew Wypior and company know what they are doing. Here’s what you can expect:

So what sort of treats do you plan on cooking up at FC Buffalo matches?

AW: “For FC Buffalo matches, we are going to feature some fresh local summer grill favorites, like Sahlen’s hot dogs and homemade italian sausages with peppers and onions. We also plan on serving our hickory smoked pulled pork with homemade BBQ sauces, among other things. We will also have some side options available, ranging from salt potatoes slathered in butter to homemade macaroni and potato salads.”

What made you start your business?

“We decided to start The Picnic Grille because it gave us the opportunity make the kind of food that we would like to eat at events like FC Buffalo matches, and share it with others, all while having a good time. ”

Why did you want to get involved with FC Buffalo?

“We wanted to get involved with FC Buffalo because, first off, we like soccer. Also, it fits right in line with our idea of how our business should be – local, fun and accessible. It shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to get out and enjoy a great game and good food.”

What’s your favorite menu option?

“Everything! But the first time someone eats with us, we always recommend menu options from the smoker – the hickory smoked pulled pork and chicken. Moist, smoky and delicious. The rubs and sauces we use are our own recipes, and we even chop our own wood for the smoker.”

What price range can fans expect?

“As far as prices go, we try very hard to keep everything affordable while still giving large portions – sandwiches range from $2-5, and sides are $2 and under.”

How often do you add options to your menu and how can people contact you for outside events?

“We plan on having at least one new menu item for every match, ranging from Caribbean pork shoulder to Korean Style BBQ pork burritos – we want to keep things fresh for all the great soccer fans that show up to support FC Buffalo. Also, we are more than happy to field suggestions from anyone who eats with us.

“We can be found on Facebook – search for The Picnic Grille, and we will have our game menu with prices posted there a day or two before each match. Also, we can be reached by email at thepicnicgrille@aol.com, and we will have menus and flyers at all of the matches. We are in the process of getting our catering license finalized, so we plan on being ready for any and all summer party catering needs.”

Email: ray@fcbuffalo.org