Buffalo soccer + Buffalo coffee = Hit the Spot

The majority of our staff enjoys a solid cup of coffee, and the best in local joe comes from SPoT Coffee. The guys and gals at SPoT were quite literally our first sponsor when we started, so when they offered to make us our first mugs we were pumped.

(Imagine Bob Barker saying the next part)

These dark blue ceramic mugs have the FC Buffalo logo on one side and the SPoT logo on the other. Available only at Delaware SPoT on Chippewa and Delaware in Buffalo, they retail for $7.95. How limited a time they are available depends solely on supply and demand. If they sell quick, more will be made.

Here’s how you fit in: the FC Buffalo mug will offer mugholders many different benefits, the most immediate being 99-cent refills of regular coffee in said mug at Delaware SPoT. More fun, SPoT wants to give us bagels and coffee for English Premier League and other morning soccer events we hold at local restaurants, cafes or bars. During this first run of mugs, if you have one, you get free breakfast at our events — simple as that.

Moreover, we’ve always spoken plainly to our supporters and we want you to be informed. Buying a mug from a sponsor like SPoT makes them want to help us more. So make sure you stop down to Delaware SPoT next chance you get and grab some food, drink and a limited-edition FC Buffalo mug. All the uncool kids are doing (and so are the cool ones, don’t worry).

Head here for driving directions to Delaware SPoT.