Blitzer meets the Blitzers at Mes Que

FC Buffalo co-owners Nick Mendola and Scott Frauenhofer went on CNN’s “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer” a half-decade ago after fans voted ‘Blitzers’ as the team’s nickname.

Fast-forward to Saturday, when the Kenmore native and respected broadcaster popped into Mes Que to meet Nick, Scott, Ray Siminski and defender Kyle Rogers.

In town to visit his childhood haunts — Blitzer’s parents owned a deli on Hertel Avenue and he worked as an usher at the North Park Theater — Blitzer picked up an FC Buffalo scarf, a Situation Room scarf and a jersey during the Premier League’s opening day.

Photos by Kristin Frauenhofer and David Mann

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Go Wolves! Go Blitzers! For our city…