“Back A Blitzer” Program Launches

(Photo by NateBenson.com)

Over the years many organizations have asked how they can help us attract young talent to the area or if they can help in other ways to make our club bigger and more viable.

We’ve now launched an entry level way to:

1) Get your business’ logo in front of the eyes of dedicated supporters,

2) Positively affect an amateur athlete’s summer, and

3) Support the club without breaking the bank

With FC Buffalo’s new “Back A Blitzer” program, you can provide a better summer experience for the athletes who don our blue and gold for a small contribution. In return, you’ll get your name & logo underneath a player’s name in our program, a web site announcement of your sponsorship and a signed/framed action “thank you” photo from your player.

For more information, please head here: PDF of partnership