Abominable Snowman

The return of a suspended coach and a strong home crowd were supposed to be the springboard needed to lift FC Buffalo above the fray and secure the final tournament spot in the Great Lakes Division.

Never suppose anything.

Coach Dan Krzyzanowicz’s troops fell flat at home and then on the road in a colossal pair of losses that leaves the team hoping for a miracle next weekend. Saturday night saw a 4-0 loss to Detroit City while Sunday afternoon found very little more for the Blitzers’ terrific fan base, as Buffalo lost 4-1.

“There aren’t many good words to describe the club’s fortunes right now,” said FCB president Nick Mendola. “What is fortunate is that we have an opportunity to gut-up next Friday in Cleveland and put a whole ton of pressure on Binghamton. As a staff, we will continue to pour everything we have into the mix to support our players as they try to work us free from an untoward end to 2012.”

There is only one scenario that finds FCB in the Great Lakes Division Tournament in two weeks time. Buffalo must beat Cleveland on June 6 and get help from their rival Erie when the Admirals travel to Binghamton for a June 8 regular season finale.

Alexander Rouse scored Buffalo’s lone goal on the weekend with veteran Andy Tiedt picking up the assist.

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