2013 Season Ticket Scarf Released

For the second-straight year, we are releasing a Season Ticket Scarf, where the scarf itself is your admission into the six FC Buffalo NPSL home matches.  The dates will be confirmed in late January and made public shortly thereafter.  Shipping for this product will not begin until the week of December 17th, but we will ensure that they will arrive in time for the holidays.

We’re gonna build something this summer, and we are  thrilled that you want to be a part of it. ORDER YOUR SCARVES HERE!! Have a look below:

3 Responses
  1. Anonymous

    Um, to the snoring guy…

    You realize that this is an amateur league, right? Literally. The owners have built a stable amateur side from nothing. This in itself is quite an accomplishment. I find it funny that you simply hide behind an alias, rather than trying to be a part of what helps to elevate the team, or offer real constructive criticism or advice. 

    For me, a new scarf is news. Sure, I’d like to see more developments with the team. My dream is to see the track ripped out of All-High, and for the gridiron lines removed. I’d be delighted to see the announcement of the construction of a small soccer-only stadium in Buffalo. But, overall, FC Buffalo *is* building something. They’re encouraging the growth of a sport that has been facing an uphill battle for acceptance, especially when so many so-called soccer fans only follow and support foreign soccer teams. 

  2. Sockermom99

    dear snoring guy…you have the money and resources to have what you perceive as a professional team arrive here in buffalo?  . we have to start somewhere….after all little things build up into big things. I am extremely happy that we have this and I agree with vdomahony the scarves are a big thing…I love the image i see of hundreds of fans with jerseys..t shirts and scarves in the stands. Soccer is a slow growing sport to be recognized here i believe its like 80% of our youth are involved in the sport now.  little things grow into big things…. we will be there one day..i have the faith