FCB’s next home match comes Tuesday, July 10 against North Mississauga SC. Admission is $8 at the door, $7 presale.

FC Buffalo has five members up for the National Premier Soccer League’s East Conference Best XI, and fan voting is a significant part of how the team will be decided.


Head coach Frank Butcher, who has overseen an 11-8-5 league record over his two season at the helm, is one of six up for Coach of the Year.

The club also has one representative in each of four positional categories:

  • Forward: Kendell McFayden scored six times with two assists, increasing his all-time goal team record to 18. He has also now played the second-most league matches in club history.
  • Midfielder: Keane McIvor’s international clearance cleared the way for a seven-game unbeaten run. McIvor scored thrice, two times from the spot, and was a playmaking force for FCB.
  • Defender: Euan Bauld started 11 of 12 matches, only missing the second Erie match due to yellow card accumulation. The tall Scottish center back scored twice and was a vocal leader on the pitch.
  • Goalkeeper: Jeremy Figler’s six career wins put him second on FCB’s all-time list. The veteran leader was the author of myriad outstanding saves this season.


The information on our site and the ticketing site is correct: The Fan Appreciation Night match on Tuesday is at Sweet Home High School Stadium and will kick off at 7:30 p.m. Buy tickets here, and vote for the Supporters’ Choice Award below.

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6 responses to “Butcher, 4 players up for conference honors”

  1. Susan Rae says:

    Hi Lewis

    Susan here, I work with your VERY PROUD MUM!!! We’re also train buddies!!!
    She keeps us up to date with your progress.


  2. Susan Husband says:

    Good luck with the award Lewis. I work in the same room as your mum and I can concur that she is very proud, quite right too.

  3. Karen Meade says:

    Hey Lewis, I’m so proud of you.
    Sending lots of love (your 2nd maw) missing your wee chops xx

  4. Susan Rae says:

    Greetings Fae Bonny Scotland!!!
    Gone yersel Lewis !!!
    We’re awwwwww behind ye!!!

  5. AmyyyP92@yahoo.com says:

    Keep up the hard work Lewis. Everyone’s rooting for you x

  6. Tracey Heron says:

    Well Done Lewis, keep up the good, hard work you deserve it, living your dream in the process, we are all proud of you. Enjoy, Love Tracey & Stuart xxx

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