See your Wolves this Fall; Five earn college honors

The 2016 season seems a while away — and it is — but we’ve got a great college scene in Buffalo, and several out-of-town Blitzers will be coming near during their 2015 college seasons.

And five FCB players or alums have been honored by Top Drawer Soccer as a Top 20 player in their respective conference.

First off, here’s where our active collegiate players are stationed to star this Fall, and where you can check them out in person:

Buffalo: Fox Slotemaker, Cameron Hogg, Scott Doney (Full schedule)
Canisius: Andrew Coughlin (Full schedule)
Niagara: Andrew Ferguson, Matt Ferguson, Steve Casey (Full schedule)
St. Bonaventure: Josh Beshaw (Full schedule)
Rochester: Michael Shatkin, Sept. 15 at Buff State
Buffalo State: Luke Pavone (Full schedule)
Marist: Kevin Kappock, Erik Dahl, Dylan MacVane (Oct. 28 at Niagara)

Come no closer than 2.5 hours
 Brett Larocque (Closest: Robert Morris)
Wisconsin: Adam Lauko (Closest: Ohio State)
Bucknell: Connor Willings (Closest: Hartwick)
Albany: Anthony Rozzano (Closest: Syracuse, Binghamton)
St. Lawrence: 
Rob Brandell, Ross Suitor (Closest: Oswego & Cortland)
SIUE: Jabari Danzy (Closest: Bowling Green)
Pittsburgh: Matt Bischoff (Closest: at Syracuse)
California Baptist: Julian Ekeze (Doesn’t leave West Coast. Nice vacation, though)
Georgian Court: Michael Clarke (Closest: Philadelphia)

Top Drawer Soccer’s Conference Top 20
Northeast Conference: Brett Larocque (8)
Missouri Valley Conference: Jabari Danzy (13)
Metro Atlantic: Erik Dahl (16), Kevin Kappock (18)
Mid American Conference: Russell Cicerone (3)