Season for sale! Game-used bidding begins!

For quick bidding, click here. For an explanation of “Why?”, please read below…

As our inaugural season came to a close, we decided that giving away game-worn jerseys at the finale was a pretty decent idea, and it went overwhelmingly well. There was only one problem:

We added a slew of people to the “When can I get a jersey for myself?” club.

Well, next year we’ll have a ton, as we’ve learned what our supporters demands will be (Hopefully we’ll get sponsors settled sooner than later to hasten produc!). But today we’re proud to offer a 7-day bidding process for game-used jerseys and balls, as well as a handful of game-used balls.

We wanted to go with a flat fee, but we didn’t expect to be flooded with the number of requests we received. Hopefully you’ll understand why this was the play, and how much we appreciate your support.

Bid here now: Thank you! and ask any questions to or