New store up and running!!

[ ON SALE: 2016 season ticket packages ]

The No. 1 request from fans after last season was an improved shopping experience, and after many weeks of work, we’re happy to unveil our first line of 2016 items in a brand new store.

Run by the platform Shopify, the new FC Buffalo store includes an improved browsing, buying and purchasing experience.

Early this year, we reached out to our fans for ideas and designs for this year’s run of merchandise. We received a solid volume of ideas, and selected just a few for our first run (You still may see yours this summer).


All new designs will ship by mid-April, and are available for sale beginning immediately.

There’s one “in-house” design from our merch mastermind Joshua Batten, and another from Jared Mobarak, the designed of our crest. And several submissions from Jacquie McCourt that we’re particularly excited about!

Be sure to check it out, and as always your suggestions matter. Email with your thoughts.

[ ON SALE: 2016 season ticket packages ]