Rich’s Man of the Match roundup, 2014 to date

For four seasons, Rich Products has been a massive supporter of FC Buffalo. This season, Buffalo’s biggest family business got behind our Man of the Match program. Here’s who has nabbed the honor so far (with two matches to play):

May 16 vs. Erie – Russell Cicerone

May 18 vs. Cleveland – Bobby Ross

May 25 vs. Indiana – Russell Cicerone

June 1 vs. Erie – Chris Walter

June 13 vs. Cleveland – Russell Cicerone

June 15 vs. Cincinnati – Jeff Thomas

June 18 vs. Fort Pitt – Kyle Moraldo

June 22 vs. Fort Pitt – Jake Rinow

June 27 vs. Cleveland – Russell Cicerone

June 29 vs. Lansing – Waleed Cassis

July 3 vs. Erie – Kyle Rogers

July 6 vs. Fort Pitt – Kendell McFayden

July 9 vs. Detroit City – Marcus Hanson

July 13 vs. Michigan – Sam DeMello