Kulniszewski sisters’ ‘chemistry’ key as FCB women await for crucial Steel City rematch

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FC Buffalo’s women’s team began their 2024 UWS season with a 4-1 win at FC Berlin. In the game, FCB’s three-year veteran forward Morgan Kulniszewski scored her first goal of the season when she surprised the Berlin keeper with an unstoppable long-shot goal to give her team the 3-1 lead. 

Forty-two days later, one of her three sisters, Grace Kulniszewski, helped the Wolves get a crucial 2-0 win at Flower City. Tess Ford tapped a loose ball off a corner kick to the back post, where Grace cleaned up the mess in the 65th minute for the 1-0 lead, scoring her first goal for the Wolves in her first season and joining Morgan as the first sisters to score for the women’s team.

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Morgan wasn’t in person to witness Grace score her first goal with the blue and gold, but she still couldn’t wait to congratulate her big sister.

“I immediately had like 10 text messages [from Morgan] saying ‘Oh my gosh, I just love watching you play again, and I am so proud and happy for you,’” said Grace following Friday’s evening 3-1 home win over Flower City. 

For Morgan, this moment of happiness and pride comes from seeing her sister return to the field she loves after being away from it for a few years. 

“I was so so happy and proud of her [Grace]. I was watching the live stream and immediately jumped out of my chair,” said Morgan. “It was so great to see her play soccer again and get to play at such a high level. She is really happy and just loves it. It’s great to see.”

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Alongside returning to the field, Grace is happy to share the locker room again with her younger sister after their time at Iroquois High School.

“We grew up playing soccer together in high school, and that was the icing on top to play that long. I took some years off as we both went to different schools, but being back here is awesome, and it’s like a dream,” said Grace. “Even at practice, it’s fun to play with her again. In a game is just more fun.” 

Through the various years of playing soccer together and growing up in East Aurora, the Kulniszewski sisters have built an unbreakable bond that thrives on the field.

“It’s just that connection [and positivity among one another]. Without even saying it, I know where she [Morgan ] is going to be on the field and that she is going to have my back. We are just the biggest supporters of each other,” Grace said. 

“She [Grace] is the most positive person and an encouraging person to everyone on the field. At practice specifically, we will always hear her cheering other people on. I have always built off of that. It has always helped me in the field, and it always felt great to be with her,” said Morgan. “She has never been afraid to tell me how it is. She’ll be honest [to give recommendations and criticism], too. Having that connection and trust in each other has helped us improve.”

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Kulniszewski soccer
Grace (left) and Morgan Kulniszewski in 2024 UWS action

Tonight, Nikki Bartholomew‘s squad, 6-1-0, can clinch the 2024 Iron Division crown — which would be a fourth-straight division title. The women need a win (or draw) in their final regular season game against Steel City FC at Robert Rich All-High Stadium. The last time both teams met, the blue and gold lost 2-1 away from home. But since then, FCB made up for their loss by going on a dominant five-game winning streak. 

Thanks to her younger sister’s advice, Grace has enjoyed her time with the Wolves and hopes to reach the UWS National Championship alongside her sister. 

“Some of the best advice that she said to me is to have fun, play, and take the stress off. We are playing with great players, so enjoy and learn from others around you,” said Grace. “It’s super exciting [to reach the playoffs with Morgan]. This team has been great for years, and we are just going to keep building on from that. Hopefully we can look forward to going to the National Championship.” 

“We played together before and always had the dream of going further in high school soccer, but now getting the chance to get to the championship again and going towards winning the Iron Division is just special,” Morgan said. “I am so happy that she is going to be by my side.”

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