Hoodie Season

SHOP/GIVE: Hoodie Season

Last year was an exceptional one for FC Buffalo. So we made some exceptions: We celebrated our 10th year as a club and raised funds for a trip to Germany and also to bring celebrated clubs from Mexico and Germany to Buffalo.

In Year No. 11, the focus is back off us and centralized on our community. As the weather turns a bit colder, we’re working with several great people and organizations in Buffalo to warm up the less fortunate during this ‘hoodie season.”

Here’s the deal: We were able to lock down a number of the same blank performance hoodies we use to outfit our players for the season. Really nice gear: Warm, weather-resistant, handsome. Given the change in temperature, we want to donate to those who have been displaced by violence, intolerance, or war amongst other vile things that causes people to lose the comfort of home.

Also, this isn’t about FCB. While we’d love for you to buy something with our logo on it and to become a supporter of ours, we’re happy to be a vehicle for our city.

SHOP/GIVE: Hoodie Season

We’ve teamed up with Trainwreck Sports, 26 Shirts, Reid Ferguson of the our other favorite Buffalo football team, Jeremy White from WGR Sports Radio 550 in Buffalo, and the BDSL, for an inspired idea: For every item you buy from our store over the next 2 weeks, we’ll donate a blank, warm performance hoodie to someone in need in our area.

This applies to special designs in our store from all the above parties, as well as any FC Buffalo item valued $10 or more: Shirts, Hoodies, Scarves, Season Tickets, even a spot in our golf tournament.

Trainwreck has put their logo on a tee and a hoodie, as well as their post-show rallying cry on a tee. BUY HERE and HERE.

26 Shirts has donated the use of a “Let’s Go Buffalo” graphic which was previously only available at our shared party at Harry’s Hydraulic Hearth in 2017. BUY HERE

— Del and Josh at 26 Shirts have also put together a Reid-approved special teams-forward “Fourth Down Army” shirt. Any teams who’d like it in different colors than Buffalo blue/red and Louisiana purple/gold should email nick@fcbuffalo.org. BUY HERE

— The nation’s best regional men’s league, the BDSL, is putting its league logo on a shirt. BUY HERE

— And Buffalo radio wizard and quad enthusiast Jeremy White is offering a shirt and hoodie which announce his preference for this time of year as the best on the calendar with his “Fall is Elite” number. BUY HERE.

— We, of course, has a new shirts and 2 new hoodies for the season. BUY HERE and HERE

SHOP/GIVE: Hoodie Season

Some of our older items will ship right away. The others will ship by the end of the month.

Help us warm up Western New York: Get something new for yourself, a friend, or your team, and we’ll pay a favor forward.

We love this place, and to quote David Bowie.

“Love dares you to care for the people on the edge of the night, and love dares you to change our way of caring about ourselves.”

And psst… This project is just the tip of the iceberg. We have been building a major community endeavor to help build up underserved parts of WNY soccer, and are hoping to see the culmination of three years worth of work within months, if not weeks.

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